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Brand New Models! 

 10",Double 10" Inch PA Speaker! # PAX-11BT

by Zachary Zheng / 12th July.2018


Digitech Speaker team bring here our new model: 

#PA10-11BT, #PA210-11BT

For our High Power PA Speaker Collection. 

This Model built with very high power, 

10" subwoofer offers very strong bass, and 2 subwoofer stronger,

16 tweeter on top spread the sound widely and clearly.

This model suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


* For more details, pls check our product page via click below image or contact us right away.

# PA10-11BT: 10" Subwoofer,2" x 16 Tweeter, 400W +100W Power

PA210-11BT: 10" x 2 Subwoofer,2" x 16 Tweeter, 600W +100W Power

# Aug Promotion - Digitech.jpg

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